Arab House is honored to invite you to attend the

اذهب الى الأسفل

Arab House is honored to invite you to attend the

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House invites Arab Administrative Development
In collaboration with
The International Federation of Human Development Institutions

To attend the third Arab Forum
Public Finance
(Financial planning Governments)
Headquarters training date: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
A date later: From 26 to March 30, 2017 AD

In order to: evaluate and analyze the possibility of developing the ingredients and methods of public financial management control, study and display the ingredients and the methods and systems of non-conventional created by the repercussions of the knowledge economy in the public financial management at the international level, and also show how by which they can employ the methods and systems of emerging and contemporary relating to public finance management; this forum is held and which displays through to his interlocutor: the traditional hubs of public financial management, public funds emerging management approaches, emerging public investment management curriculum, organization and management of the public debt, organization and management of public financing loans and grants and foreign aid.

Targeted at that: general managers and financial departments, accounting, costs and financial Aaltakotait and balances, loans, grants, financing, treasury bonds and feasibility studies, investment, supervision and auditing ministries, authorities and departments, institutions and organizations, councils and government offices and all vital installations.

Forum papers: as happy house to receive innovative research of high-level, whether by experts in the field, or by the master's and doctoral students and scholars in this aspect, where they will be arbitration this research by a committee of professors specialized in the field, and will be developed within the Forum papers that take into consideration the scientific and methodological standards in research and writing out a list of references, and will allow the owners of some of these securities annexed to events and meetings of the forum, noting that each paper will be accepted will be charged 25% of the value of attending the forum. On this occasion, we are pleased to invite you to participate or attend a working paper, discussion and dissemination of discourse on the theme of the conference interested in and let us know who you propose to invite them
Note that subscribe to US $ 1,000 per capita fee.
For more information please contact the
Deputy Director of Training
A / Sarah Abdel Gawad
Mobile: 00201112694608
Tel: 0020237800693-0020237800583
Fax: 0020237800573 to 0020235866323
E-mail: SaraGwadi@Gmail.Com

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